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PMI falling steel market demand recovery is still awaited
发布者:admin  发布时间:2013-3-28 13:50:52  点击:2547

      Released on July 1, domestic manufacturing PMI, PMI in June was 50.2%, compared with last month fell 0.2%, and the lowest in seven months. From steel market perspective, PMI's continuing decline, means that the overall demand is still poor, but some of the downstream industry showed signs of improvement.
     Data shows, in the PMI index, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, railway transport ship aerospace equipment manufacturing, production index in more than 60% high, production increases obviously; And automobile manufacturing industry, special equipment manufacturing industries such as production index is below the critical point, the production are down compared with last month. In the new orders index, fabricated metal products, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry enterprises such as new orders keep steady growth; But auto manufacturing industries such as market demand downturn, significantly reduce business order.

      Machinery and automobile are the main steel market consumption industry, electrical machinery and equipment, railway transport ship equipment, and fabricated metal products production and new orders index rebounded, suggests the industry also in demand for steel picks up, the auto industry is subject to seasonal demand factors, the short term will remain relatively low, the steel consumption will remain limited.

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