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Cold bend section steel and automotive manufacturing "peak BBS is ongoing
发布者:admin  发布时间:2013-3-28 13:51:56  点击:2703
      Although has experienced several days heavy rains washed, beautiful xiamen island is still light green enron, full of vitality. 27, early in the morning, to attend the "cold bending section steel and automotive manufacturing" peak BBS representatives in an endless stream of xiamen egret hotel, come to the meeting, in the hotel lobby, attendees sign in the order in. The representatives from all over the country about 150 people will participate in the BBS meeting.
      The peak BBS of cold bending steel industry and automobile manufacturing industry docking wide-ranging discussion and communication, will be to cold bending steel industry to expand customer market, automotive manufacturing as well as application of new materials have a significant impact.
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