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Cisa: key steel mills profit of less than 1.8 billion yuan in April
发布者:admin  发布时间:2013-3-28 13:53:12  点击:2641
      Cisa statistics show that in April the national key large and medium-sized steel enterprises profit is 1.79 billion yuan, only further reduce from march of 2.084 billion yuan, is down 96.65% year-on-year.
       Data also showed that in April, mainly large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprise product sales income 316.66 billion yuan, fell 0.8% year on year; Loss of enterprise's loss of 1.96 billion yuan, year-on-year increase of 31.98 million yuan; Losses reach 17 companies, were also increased by seven.
       The first two months this year, mainly large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises in the industry once losses, preliminary realize the turnround, until march into small profit; Into may, however, the acceleration of steel prices fell again renewed operation of iron and steel enterprises is difficult.
       To this, the analysis thinks, although at present are also with the steel ore price ?
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